Promotional gift ideas

Watches, virtual reality helmets and other connected objects for high-tech gifts.

Employees can find this more valuable than offering an object for everyday use.

Candles, bathrobes, cushions, mugs and more corporate gifts for home use.

Notepads, pencil jars, pens engraved with your logo and many other office supply ideas.

Advertising items for car enthusiasts: chargers, key rings, scarves, hands-free kits…

Do you want to offer original personalised gifts? Many professionals are specialized in the sale and creation of promotional items, corporate gifts, personalized goodies as well as promotional textiles. More on creative marketing ideas on

A promotional gift is a very effective marketing tool that creates an emotional relationship
with your brand image, discover more on

In order to build customer loyalty, one of the best solutions is to go for promotional gifts, which are also used for corporate communication. An advertising object is an effective way to strengthen a privileged relationship while becoming unforgettable. You can offer thank you gifts, coupons or even discount codes.

Whether they are corporate gifts for your customers or gift boxes to be offered to your associates, promotional items are always welcomed. You can offer your associates a trip or spoil them with a wellness gift. This can be part of an advertising campaign, a retirement or a thank you gift…

Spoiling your employees with personalized goodies is important. You can offer them bags, binders, calendars or advertising mugs. It is also possible to choose an advertising cap or umbrella or even a home decoration gift so that you share the same brand values.

When a company organizes an event, it often seeks to build customer loyalty and find new prospects. There is no better way than a corporate event to announce a product launch, to work on team building or to achieve a number of other goals.

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