Nothing could be simpler than to give you the possibility to make your own custom-made notebook. To meet all the needs of your company and all its moments of expression! Events, corporate gifts, institutional or internal communication, operational marketing, there is the right notebook for every operation.

Why offering a personalised notebook?

To communicate, companies have a wide range of media at their disposal! However, few of them are used on a daily basis! The notebook is a privileged tool in professional life. And even in the digital age, it is still as successful as ever! You can visit and learn more about customisable notebooks.

Practical, permanent and elegant

The personalized notebook is therefore a real vector of corporate communication, which can be adapted to your needs! Choosing a news item? Or choosing a new product? Or choosing an event? It's simple, the concept of the notebook adapts to all expectations! And it also allows for long-lasting communication.

It's up to you to create your tailor-made notebook!

The concept notebook is one of the concept notebook's many areas of expertise, making a custom-made notebook to meet your needs. Making the conception of a notebook is in fact the designer, creator and publisher of all your fully personalised notebooks.  And has been doing so for nearly 15 years! This ensures you a quality follow-up and a perfect control of the manufacturing process. Icing on the cake, all our notebooks and personalized notebooks are manufactured in France, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region on a single site. So for your specific ideas, your particular needs, many companies are at your disposal. Call them to express your wishes, your particularities and your desires! They will accompany you in your projects and to bring you the best advice and solutions.

The relay of your image on a daily basis

There are situations that require a tailor-made notebook! Do you need a specific format of notebook (or notebook) adapted to your communication tools? Corresponding to your desires? Respecting your graphic identity? Our principle of manufacturing your notebooks and booklets on demand, fully customised, lends itself to all your requirements. Illustrations by example, with a few examples of custom-made notebooks and booklets...