Whether it's for a loved one's birthday or for your own party, a personalized t-shirt is a cheap but very effective gift. It always remains an original gift no matter how many t-shirts the person receives as a gift. Indeed, there are many ways to decorate this personalised birthday t-shirt. It is rare, if not impossible, for other guests to think about exactly what you want to write down.

Giving yourself a personalised t-shirt for your birthday

For your birthday, you can give yourself a little something to mark the day. How about a personalized t-shirt? In fact, it's a very good idea if you're thinking of giving a small party for the occasion. A personalised birthday t-shirt could make you stand out at the event, showing everyone that you are the king/queen of the party. In this frame, you should carefully select the text and/or image to be printed on the garment. Since this date is dedicated to you, you can choose a quote that defines you or reflects the years you have lived. Otherwise, you can also choose funny expressions such as "Don't be jealous, tonight I'm the boss"! This will mark your importance at the party, but also a little bit of humour to make your guests laugh.

Offering a personalized t-shirt to a family member

Looking for the perfect gift for one of your family members? Well, the personalized birthday t-shirt is the perfect one. To flatter a daddy, you can write "For the Family Hero" on it, for example. Or for your mom, "To the mom of x, y, z, the best of all", note that the references here are to you and your siblings. And for the latter, you can opt for a funnier personalization, for example, "I'm a pain in the ass, but my brother/sister loves me". These are just examples, but the possibilities are endless.

Give a personalized t-shirt to a friend or acquaintance

Giving a personalized birthday t-shirt to a friend or acquaintance can be a bit complicated, especially for the latter. If it's a close friend, it's simpler and can even be fun to define the personalization. Indeed, between friends, we can afford almost anything. That is to say, one can be either sentimental, funny or why not both? However, if you are invited to an acquaintance's birthday party, i.e. a person you don't know very well, it is best to avoid this type of gift. Otherwise, you have to choose carefully what you are going to write down. Above all, you must be simple and clear. For example, you can write down "My birthday 2019" or "x(the person's name)'s birthday 2019.