The current trend is all about being green! Organic products are gaining ground. People are behaving green, eating green, dressing green and even thinking green. Even the various companies boast about respecting the environment in the activities they carry out. So green corporate gifts are very much in vogue these days and everyone wants them. They range from a simple little pen to an eco-friendly computer keyboard, from small office accessories to eco-friendly goodies. And the great thing is that all these products are customizable, probably with your company title and logo, which is ideal for distribution to customers and prospects.

The plastic revolution!

Plastic today has an eco-friendly version, which is nothing less than PLA. It is a kind of plastic but biodegradable. As with plastic, you can make all sorts of things with PLA: pens, pencil pots, mouse pads, and other office decorations. You can offer this kind of item as an eco-friendly corporate gift. They are original and customizable, and they offer an excellent image to the environmentally friendly company.

Paper and wood

Everyone knows recycled paper as something un-presentable and fragile. But that time is over! Recycled paper can now be used as office paper because some of it is of excellent quality. And that's not all! Some designers even use recycled paper and recycled cardboard to make creative eco-friendly notebooks and booklets. This kind of product can be offered as a corporate gift. They are refined, original, high quality and customizable. Why is recycled paper environmentally friendly? In short, the production of this paper consumes 4 times less energy and 6 times less water than the production of new paper. And what is about wood products? You'll be surprised to know that there are now wooden office gadgets available. Pens, pencil pots, geometry supplies, etc. are very commonplace. But how about a wooden mouse, keyboard, or USB stick? Both elegant and original, these products are ideal for corporate gifts.

Eco-friendly textiles

How about organic cotton goodies? Organic cotton, like classic cotton, is the result of growing cotton plants, but this time in a very organic way. For the production, we use natural compost and we consume the minimum of water. It is bleached and dyed with hydrogen peroxide, without harmful products such as chlorine or carcinogenic products. It is also proven that organic cotton is of better quality than conventional cotton, so it lasts longer and is very comfortable. This makes it a dream gift from a company.