A new employee's first day can be a daunting experience for many reasons: pride in a new role, meeting new colleagues and learning the ins and outs of their job can overwhelm even the most stable.

A welcome gift is a big boost to integration

While companies everywhere are striving to maximize employee engagement, too many are overlooking the stress that accompanies the integration process. By working to recognize and address the unique circumstances of employees' first day on the job, companies can better help their employees feel relaxed, welcomed and valued from day one. A concept called the "new employee gift" should be implemented in all companies. The aim here is to order attractive and useful merchandise. By giving employees branded items that they will actually use, you will create welcome gifts that new employees will be proud to show off and at the same time increase your company's visibility.

Integrate gifts with your core values

Employee engagement starts with your company's core values. Those who have taken this important step in building their company culture already know how valuable it can be to start the partnership with new employees on the right foot. By effectively communicating core values, organizations can help ensure that, from day one, new employees strive to embody these important messages. With this in mind, consider your core values when selecting gifts for new hires. A personalised bank card holder decorated with the text of the values themselves, for example, or a credit card holder can also be a good idea. The creation of these souvenirs is just one more way to imbue new employees with the integration experience.

A great way to show that you value their experience

Including gifts for new employees can also help familiarize team members with your organization. While your hiring process may describe the details of their day-to-day work, your new employees are always at a disadvantage when it comes to starting in an unfamiliar office. Learning how to fit into a new social structure, no matter how professional, can be a lot like a first day of school. Getting used to the workplace culture that you find so hard to cultivate, but difficult to do until employees have spent a lot of time there, is essential to successful integration. Think of your welcome gifts as a pleasant intensive course in your work environment.