The New Year is not far away, so it's already time to think about gift ideas and goodies that will delight your colleagues and relations. It's true that apart from its commercial role, the New Year's goodie can also strengthen ties or create new ones, why not. It's always a small object that finally takes on some sentimental value, for most of those who receive them.

Goodies, advertising gifts

Initiated in companies in the United Kingdom towards the end of the 17th century, goodies were then business gifts. Nowadays, they are mainly used as advertising material, but also, in a small way, as simple gifts for company employees on certain occasions, especially in the New Year. And it has become a real tradition to offer goodies to employees and collaborators. But behind this spirit of sharing during the festivities, there is also a powerful marketing that is conveyed by the New Year goodie, as if nothing had happened!

The winning goodie

As in the beginning, we have to think about the final objective of the goodie, i.e.: to convey and perpetuate its brand, its name. So, the good old tradition of betting on an object that is useful and in daily use is still relevant today! Your goodie must also be a truly endearing object, and at the same time something inseparable, for the idea of making a lasting impression to be totally successful. So here's a small selection of ideas that you can use as inspiration to choose what to give. - The usual mug to be used during the coffee break at work; - The eternal ballpoint pen; - The cap the pen holder or a small frame for the desk; - The day planner; - The clock or alarm clock; - The briefcase... These are all everyday objects that can be branded with your logo and that will be in the minds of your employees, prospects or clients all the time.

Where to find goodies

Now, you can get inspiration from a lot of gift ideas or New Year's goodies on various e-commerce sites specializing in this area. Find endless ideas and choices online. In fact, even if the spirit of sharing is indeed there during the holidays, the main thing is to keep in mind these three goals of this type of gifts: to please, to increase and to perpetuate the visibility of your brand.