Basically, the term “goodies” is an English means a promotional gift. They are used in marketing as a gift to customers, but have a promotional purpose. In this article we will explain the definition of goodies and why it is important for corporate marketing.

What are goodies?

Generally, when we talk about goodies we think logically of small gadgets with the logo, a small fancy object offered during trade fairs or directly from our favourite games, series or films. In the field of corporate communication, goodies refer to advertising trinkets personalised with your company's logo that you offer to your customers. Usually the goodies offered by companies are advertising objects such as pens, shopping trolley tokens, or key rings with the company's logo on them.

Why are goodies useful for communication?

Hiding behind the appearance of small bonus gifts, goodies are in fact one of the most effective advertising objects. In fact, many advertising professionals underestimate goodies and believe them to be inferior to traditional advertising techniques. However, unlike a TV commercial that will remain in your target's head for about ten seconds, if your target deigns to pay attention to your commercial, the goodies are offered and kept by your customers who are permanently in contact with them. It is certain that everyone has promotional pens that have been in use for several months or years. There is even a good chance that you have received some this year and that you use them regularly. The logo on it is therefore regularly in your field of vision. In the end, this small, common looking promotional item is obviously the one that will have contributed the most to your business.

Which object to highlight my brand?

While there is no doubt about the ability of goodies to be effective promotional gifts, it is still important to offer the right gift to have the most impact possible. The goodies must be adapted to the image and the message your brand wishes to convey. The problem is that there is a wide variety of goodies in all shapes, sizes and made from many different materials. It is therefore difficult to choose which of these items is best suited to your needs. That's why you need to call on experts who have experience in this field to help you make the right choice.