Nowadays, the smartphone has replaced many everyday objects. However, the personalized notebook allows you to get back to basics at any time of day. Always at hand, it's the perfect medium for taking notes in class, jotting down ideas or simply becoming a reminder. Throughout the pages of your notebook, write down what's important to you. Benefit from a customisable logo to accompany your customers and colleagues every day. Easy to slip into a bag, our notebooks are designed to offer you a quality handwritten experience. Visit for more about customized notebooks.

To each his own notebook

Before customizing your printed notebooks, start your creation by finding the personalized notebook template that matches your image. To do this, we offer you a wide range of models in different formats. For quick note-taking, check out our pocket-sized templates, easy to carry around and always at hand. Offer your customers a large notebook to allow them to use it for several months thanks to a sufficient number of sheets. Practical and sturdy, our personalized spiral notebooks will offer you comfort of use thanks to their easily detachable sheets. Finally, creative people will be pleased to find a notebook without lines, while others will prefer lined sheets of paper.

Colour for your notebooks

It is impossible to talk about a personalised notebook without mentioning the choice of colours. Many models have a range of colours to choose from. Opt for warm or cool tones according to your desires. For a natural look, find a brown or white notebook. Dare to use colour to stand out from the competition and give your company visibility. Match your logo with our many available colours. From green to blue, yellow to black, you have a wide range of choices to create an original binding. Discover the different colour customizations by viewing our explanatory product sheets for more information.

An original advertising booklet

If you have a strong marketing object in mind, we invite you to discover our boxes including a pen that perfectly matches the design of the notebook cover. Show your commitment to the environment by choosing a notebook made of recycled paper or recycled cardboard. Print your hard cover easily to give a personal touch to your notebooks. Different box shapes are available, ranging from the notebook with its customised pen to the classic spiral bound notebook with elastic band to hold the pen securely in place. We are aware that we have many references, so please do not hesitate to contact us to help you in your search.

Users of personalized notebooks

Without realizing it, paper still plays an important role in our daily lives. For example, it is easy to lose a piece of paper where an important appointment is written down. Give your best customers a personalized notebook that they can use every day without fear of losing their data. From a young age, the notebook is the indispensable support for memories. Offer your employees a notebook to promote your company on the move. As soon as the promotional notebook is in view, your logo on the cover will hit the spot. This gives you the opportunity to advertise on a large scale, while benefiting from our advantageous rates.

The advantages of the personalized notebook

Be sure to propose an original promotional item to make a lasting impression. Design from A to Z a notebook that suits you and that will bring your advertising into a new era of communication. Vary your personalization by taking advantage of our products available in small quantities. Over the years, we have collaborated with many companies and our experience allows us to advise you on the trendiest personalization according to your profile. Start now your personalization of notebooks, notepads and notebooks without exceeding your budget from your computer.