It's the festive season and with it, the custom of giving. This year, Christmas will be serene thanks to the choice of beautiful ecological gifts, which will give meaning to both the giver and the receiver! In natural materials (silk, hemp, wool, cork...), in wood, without toxic substances, they bring joy and creativity! Durable, they keep for a long time and can be used for many years. For the holidays, this article offers you a very large choice of items in the fields of toys, well-being, food, fashion ... To combine the pleasure of giving and citizen gesture!

Wooden toys, a sure value

Wood is a noble material that is pleasant to touch and feel. Coming from sustainably managed forests, it plays the ecology card. Not to mention that younger children often put objects in their mouths, so it is best to avoid articles containing formaldehyde or phthalates . The wooden dinette is a fine example of a range of products that combine aesthetics and ecology. With the two cups, the knives, the spoons, the small salad bowls, the cutting board, the child creates his story in complete freedom! For children from 2 to 7 years old, the wooden car with its rounded shapes is 100% handmade. Original, it leans into the curves! The musical marble tree releases a symphony of cascading sounds. Children must be old enough to handle the marbles, which can be made of different materials: earth, wood... This changes the sounds.

Well-being as a gift

By their fragrance and sensory quality, some products open the doors to well-being! This is the case of massage oils, designed to familiarize oneself with self-massage or massage on loved ones. Pleasantly scented, they incite relaxation and relaxation, such as Coco-ylang massage oil, Enivrant massage oil or monoi scented seaweed oil. Some have draining or slimming virtues (Minc'affine, Minceur...). Introducing someone to aromatherapy is one of the original and useful gifts! Essential oils, available in boxes, are full of benefits. The Aroma Beginner pack, composed of 7 organic essential oils (lavender, tea tree, sweet orange, exotic verbena, lemon, ravintsara, wintergreen) and a book written by an aromatherapist, allows you to face all the evils of everyday life. Another variant, the Omsens discovery box includes 10 essential oils to start in aromatherapy (with the help of a specialist or a book). For adults, a pack of 4 essential oil synergies to swallow exists: Biorelax, Bioligne, Biodetox, La Combattante (2 drops per intake and no more than 3 to 4 intakes per day). For diffusion, also possible, it should not exceed 10 minutes per hour.

Accessories give style

Bracelets, scarves, hats... Accessories bring a different and personal touch to each person. For men, the bracelets made by Indians of Colombia (Afeb Ethnic) cultivate the style! In leather, in stone eye of the tiger, they dress elegantly the wrist. Karmyli├Ęge also offers natural cork bracelets - for men and women - quite elegant and easy to care for.