For the company, the ecological promotional gift is a real message to make its customers, prospects, partners and employees aware of its environmental and societal commitments.

The communication supports

Whether internal or external, communication is part of a company's identity. However, between flyers, disposable lighters, USB keys and pens made on the other side of the planet, communication supports are sometimes far from being ecological and also harm the company's image. We propose you to discover ecological and ethical gifts for your employers.

The Green Chequebook: combining the useful with the sustainable

Developed by a team of humanists and hundreds of partners focused on eco-responsible consumption, the Green Checkbook is a voucher that can be used at committed retailers and specialized sites. They provide access to thousands of organic and ecological products in stores and on the Internet.

Gifts For Change: commitment through the object

To find a gift, why not start from the cause? Here's the catchphrase from Gifts For Change. This company offers both corporate gifts and communication supports. The objects, put on sale on their website, contribute to an environmental or social cause.

Growing Paper : The seeded business cards

Packed in the wallet, business cards usually end up in the trash. The Growing Paper brand has therefore developed an original idea to make these business cards meaningful! What is it? They are business cards made from paper filled with seeds to be sown in soil.

The Clusters: A glass of red maybe ?

Wine production in France in 2018 was 49.1 million hectolitres*. This staggering figure underlines the fact that wine is a predominantly local delicacy. That's why offering employees a nice bottle of wine or grape juice is a cultural gesture. Nevertheless, competition is tough because of the import of many wines. Les Grappes has chosen to make it easier to buy directly from French wine growers. Their approach is to facilitate the short circuit between customers and winegrowers and to help customers choose their lives through the stories of the winegrowers. Les Grappes offers both quality wine and cultural history.

Ta Belle Mer: eco-responsible kits

Ta Belle Mer offers eco-responsible kits and sustainable alternatives to human resources managers, those who implement CSR in companies, sustainable development officers to offer to team members and employees. In these kits, you can find a stainless steel flask, an isothermal bottle, a pencil in France made with wood from sustainably managed forests and many other eco-responsible products!