Every moment is good to boost your notoriety with a good marketing strategy. Take advantage of the back-to-school period to distribute goodies and expand your commercial presence! But to succeed, choosing the right back-to-school promotional item is essential.

The back-to-school period, a business opportunity not to be missed

Goodies are good advertising tools used to convey the image of your brand. As promotional and communication devices, they ensure the achievement of your many sales objectives. The back-to-school period is one of the major events at which these goodies are distributed, both for business partners and for all your prospects. During this season of the year, all families rush to the supermarkets to do their shopping for the start of the new school year, or make their purchases online. Getting the ideal back-to-school promotional item at this time of year will set you apart from your competitors and will considerably boost your communication with your targets.

How to choose the perfect advertising object?

The golden rule is to never offer poor quality products, unless you want to drive away all your customers and employees. Giving them a back-to-school promotional item that doesn't work properly or that breaks down very quickly will reflect poorly on your brand and give the impression that you simply don't care about them. On the other hand, high quality goodies will be used for longer and can widely spread your image for a long period of time. Always choose a quality product that fits your company's budget.

Goodies to choose for the start of the 2019 school year

For schoolchildren, bet on a fun and creative back-to-school promotional item: a personalised school kit (kit, eraser, pens, pencil, pencil sharpener, etc.), a packet of coloured pencils with your logo or a shopping bag to colour in. Grabbing the attention of teenagers is a bit more complicated. Use goodies that are useful, fun, but also colourful, such as a promotional backpack, ballpoint pens or a highlighter with a nice logo. For more mature students, adopt your marketing strategy to their connected lifestyle. Since they'll often need to take notes, give them a notebook. Also let them know you're on the cutting edge with high-tech accessories like cables or USB sticks.