Whether you are a freelancer, consultant, trainer, CEO of a start-up, corporate director, account manager in an agency, manager of a small business, self-employed person... a personalized notebook is always a good idea! You can create the customized notebook that suits you and here we help you bring your projects to life. You can also check https://www.bookblock.com/ for more about printed notebooks.

What can be personalized?

Personalized notebooks for companies: everything can be personalized: the cover of course (front, back, front and back) but also the inside. As a reminder, many designers offer notebooks in 3 formats: pocket notebook (A6), small notebook (A5, the best seller), and large notebook (A4).

What are personalized notebooks for?

You are for example a: - Consultant, trainer, coach: you can offer an enhanced customer experience by providing personalized notebooks in your name, but especially in the name of your customers, during work or training sessions. The interior can be adapted to your business and your methods. - Company managers, communication manager: a nice personalized notebook in a welcome kit for new employees in your company, with the main contacts and a nice welcome message, isn't that nice? But it's also a gift that you don't throw away, offered on the occasion of an event or an internal meeting to present a new major company project for example. - Freelance account manager or in a communication agency: make the difference by offering your clients a personalized tool that is very adapted to their project or event.

Create your own customized notebooks in just a few clicks

Are you a creative artist, architect or illustrator? Our customized notebook is the thing you need to put your ideas in black and white. Create your beautiful custom photo notebook with your own graphics and let your imagination run wild. The process of creating personalized photo notebooks is quick and easy if you use our online application, by following the steps below:
  • Choose the maximum size from the available notebook sizes;
  • Upload a photo from your personal gallery or choose an image from our artist gallery;
  • Through the side buttons, change the shape, size and position of the image to fit your custom notebook;
  • You can also add the text you want by modifying the style, size and color;
  • Finally, choose the type of paper that best suits the use you wish to make of the notebook, choosing between 5 mm squared, lined or neutral paper;
  • Check the preview of your brand new personalized notebook and if you are satisfied, complete the order;