A gym membership

A gym membership is really a zero waste gift! In addition to not being a material good, the membership doesn't need to be wrapped to be given as a gift! It promotes healthy lifestyle habits and creates real opportunities to socialize (why not get one yourself?). What's more, the new member can enjoy his or her gift all year round!

A reusable Frank Green water bottle

We are bombarded with statistics on plastic pollution and disposable/recyclable water bottles are a major contributor to the problem. Since it is recommended to drink a lot of water every day, the reusable bottle is a must. Avoid drinking bottled water and offer your friends and family a beautiful reusable water bottle that they will really want to carry everywhere! Personally, I love the sleek and stylish look of Frank Green bottles. They are distinctive and have a large capacity. In addition, a new technology has been developed to make the cap completely airtight, which prevents damage to the car, sports bag or purse!

Bamboo straw

Since I was a little boy, I've really enjoyed drinking my drinks through straws! I remember I used to have reusable coloured straws that wiggled - and needed a little more suction to get the liquid up! Whether it's for my iced coffees, smoothies or flavored waters, straws are a must. We all know that plastic straws are a real scourge for the environment. The OLA bamboo company offers beautiful bamboo straws that are ultra-practical! They are washable (thanks to their small matching brush!), reusable and biodegradable at the end of their life. A gift to use at home or at the restaurant!

Reusable bags

The zero-waste movement is growing a little more each month. People often have a problem when buying bread: most breads are packed in plastic bags! La compagnie dans le sac is a Quebec company that makes beautiful reusable bags to carry and store bread. Available in two bag sizes - one for the loaf and one for a baguette - they'll make the perfect gift for your guests (and you could even stop by a nice local artisan bakery and slip in a tasty loaf that will delight everyone at the table). For my part, I offer beautiful reusable snack bags made in Quebec. They wash super well since they are made from a laminated fabric that has waterproof properties. Many people have told me that they have increased their consumption of fruits and vegetables because they plan their snacks in advance.

Bee paper

Even though I was skeptical at first, I must admit that I myself was won over by Abeego's eco-responsible packaging. They are fabric squares covered with beeswax that replaces plastic film for food preservation or to cover a dish. They come in several sizes, let the food breathe and are reusable for about a year. Finally, at the end of their life, Abeego packaging can be composted. Isn't that great?